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  Corporate Vision
    “Utilize all resources, initiate global Youngy!” Youngy Group Co.,Ltd makes determination to be the world first-class investment holding group with stable operation, excellent achievement(performance) and outstanding core competitiveness.
      In the future, Youngy Group Co.,Ltd will take corporate mission of “To be the value-added leverage, to be resources-allocated platform” , take corporate spirit of “Creativity, Enterprising, Learning, Confidence”, and operation strategy of “Developed a conglomerate of integrated operations by growing industrial enterprises, capital operation, financial and commercial services simultaneously”. Treat international advanced management standards as example, treat current management model as platform, and brand development as key point. Step forward internationalization in industrial enterprises, financial, assets investment etc. continuously, and strive for promoting China’s economic development and creating world’s Youngy constantly!
      Looking forward, Youngy Group surely will give shareholders, employees, clients, and society the best value return!
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