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       Guangzhou Youngy Investment Management Group Co. Ltd. ( was founded in 1995 by Mr. Lv Xiang Yang (well known entrepreneur and investor in China, ranked China’s 4th richest person by Forbes magazine in 2009 and the 1st of the Financial Industry by the New Fortune magazine in 2010). As an advanced investment company, the Group has a vision of “dicovering asset value and investing reasonably to add value to our assets; combining resources and moving fast to deploy resources”. Our corporate goal is to develop ourselvs into a top investment holding group. We share a operating philosophy of “we must follow market demand and we must satisfy clent needs”. Our Strategy is to develop a conglomerate of integrated operations by growing industrial enterprises, capital operation, financial and commercial services simultaneously. We invest in various industries to form effective industry chain. With advanced investment concepts and sophiscated capital maneuver, we aim at diversified development by effecitvely integrating different resources.
       Youngy Group’s businesses cover various sectors and each sector is in considerable size. Our investment now reaches RMB 170 billion in terms of market value and RMB 70 billion in terms of both total assets and annual turnover. Our portfolio companies employ around 160,000 people and are involved in manufacturing industry (IT, automobile, and new energy), mining, metallurgy, captial investment, financial service and etc in different countries and regions. We now have developed into a diversified multinational enterprise.
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