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While being dedicated to improve corporate competitiveness, Youngy Group constantly cares about social welfare,and puts social responsibility as its obligatory mission!

    Besides actively takes part in social welfare and provides donation & contribution to various difficulties group, Youngy believes the greater and more realistic social responsibility consciousness is creating technologies and services that make contribution to human beings and societies, and helping the company solve the real problems .
Guarantee stable employment: Group and holding& joint-stock portfolio companies offer more than two hundred thousand job opportunities worldwide.
Solve corporate financing difficulties:through supplying Small Loan, Financing Guarantee, Financial Leasing, IPO Finance services etc. , we tackle China’s small and medium enterprises financing difficulties effectively.
Support poverty-stricken areas’ constructions: invest in poverty-stricken areas to establish factories and repair roads, support poor personnel improve their lives.
Support for cultural education career:long-term donation for education, set up different scholarships and teachers’ awards, donate Huangmeixi Opera Development Foundation.
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